Dear Readers

The idea for my novel Wife Overboard came to me several years ago when I went on a cruise with my wife. Firstly, I must say that my wife is alive and well. Nevertheless, it got me thinking.  When we got home I began to look into the cruise industry, and was startled by my research. There was certainly a side to cruising that we had not been shown, and one that is certainly not highlighted in the glossy cruise brochures.  

Here is the book back cover blurb:

Michael and his wife love their cruising holidays, but Michael does not love his wife.  How much fun would life be without her?  

Michael’s research uncovers a dark side to the cruise industry, when he discovers how many people a year go missing on cruise ships.  

Has Michael found the perfect murder so that he can be with his wife’s best friend?

I hope you enjoy this story, and when your partner suggests going on a cruise for your next holiday might I suggest you read this book first.  Then again you could always read it on your balcony as you look down at the cool soothing water over a hundred feet below.